Saturday, February 17, 2018


tarsier monkey bohol philippines
Tarsier monkey

              Bohol, an island located in south central Philippines, may not be as famous as some of the other islands in the Philippines, but it is well worth a visit.  Most famous for its Chocolate Hills and Tarsiers, Bohol also offers an array of other highlights for those wanting either an adventurous or beach vacation.  This tropical paradise has it all from white sandy beaches to tropical forest covered mountains. 

Tuesday, February 13, 2018


sea turtle snorkeling apo island dumaguete philippines
Sea turtle at Apo Island

              Dumaguete is a vibrant city in south central Philippines known as the “City of Gentle People.”  A university town, thousands of students pour into the city everyday to attend one of its great universities.  Not only is Dumaguete a jump off point for snorkeling and diving trips or travel to the eastern and southern islands, but it offers up some great sightseeing, food, and entertainment itself.

Sunday, February 11, 2018


manjuyod sandbar bais philippines
Manjuyod Sandbar

              Bais is a small town in south central Philippines known mainly for its large sandbar and dolphin watching.  Though the town itself may not have a lot to offer tourists it is a good day trip town from Dumaguete or to overnight in for an early morning excursion.  

bais philippines location

What to do:


              The main excursion here is the combination of dolphin watching and taking a stroll down the Manjuyod Sandbar.  The excursion starts early in the morning while it is still low tide.  A boat will take you out into the TaƱon Strait where an abundance of squid has drawn a lot of spinner dolphins to the area.  You will easily see pods of dolphins swimming around the area and often jumping out of the water alongside the boats. 
spinner dolphin watching bais philippines
Spinner Dolphins

After a few hours of chasing the dolphins around your boat will take you to Manjuyod Sandbar.   At low tide the sandbar comes out of the water allowing you to walk along the sands our wade in the shallow waters that seem to stretch out forever.  There aren’t many fish to see in these shallow waters, but you will come across a lot of starfish hanging out here. 

How to Get There:


              From Dumaguete you will take a north bound bus to Bais, which costs PHP 57/USD 1.14.  Getting off in Bais you will then need to take a tricycle or moto to either Canibol or Capinahan Wharf, where you can rent a boat for the excursion.  A boat should will cost anywhere from PHP 2500/USD 50 – PHP 3500/USD 70 deoending on the package that you are wanting.
If you are coming Iloilo, northwest of Bais, you will need to take the ferry to Bacolod (PHP 110/USD 2.20) and then catch a southern bound bus to Bais, located just outside the ferry terminal.  The bus to Bais will cost you PHP 300/USD 6.00.  Once you arrive in Bais you will need to find accommodation and do the tour the following morning since you will arrive to late for low tide.  Most hotels will help you set up an excursion for the following morning and they will pick you up and drop you off at your hotel.  Our excursion for the dolphin watching and the Manjuyod Sandbar cost PHP 2500/USD 50.

houses manjuyod sandbar bais philippines
Houses on the Manjuyod Sandbar

Where to Stay:


              We stayed at Casa Sandoval Pension.  It was an affordable hotel with suitable facilities located on the main road just on the edge of town.

casa sandoval pension hotel bais philippines
Casa Sandoval Pension
room casa sandoval pension hotel bais philippines
Room at Casa Sandoval Pension

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