Friday, June 13, 2014

First day of Training

Thursday, 6/12/14

So today was my first day at training and it was a very long day, but at least not as long as yesterday.  So getting up at 8:00 am for breakfast was a huge change in my old schedule.  The breakfast was awesome though and well worth it.  They have honey here that out of this world and the peanut butter is more like homemade peanut butter and is great.  I also ate pink rice, ground beef and eggs, but the honey on the fried bread is what made it.  Following that we had a meeting with the staff and were introduced to them, our schedule for the day, and a little info about Madagascar and our training.  I

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Life in the Compound

Thursday, 6/12/14

Life at the training center compound is awesome!!!  It is in the Mantasoa area, which is amazingly beautiful.  It lies on the eastern banks of the highland area with rolling hills, beautiful tress, and an awesome lake (we can not get in the lake for safety reasons…some parasite that lives in standing water we are told).  Being at the compound is like being at summer camp.  Many of the people only share their room with only one other person, but in my room I share it with five other volunteers and it is great.  They are all awesome people.  The rooms are much like you would see at a camp in the States with comfortable beds, a shower (with hot water!!), toilets, and a couch, but with mosquito nets and a ton of luggage that seems to be growing by the hour with all the stuff they are giving us. 

Monday, June 9, 2014

Im Leaving for a Place Far Far Away!!!

Many of you have heard me say for quite a while that I was going to keep a blog of my adventures in Madagascar time and time again.  Well here it is!  Although the blog has been up for a bit this is my first of many blog post.  I will be post on here as often as possible about all of the stories of my adventures during my Peace Corps service.  Until I get to my site (in about 11 weeks) I will not know how often I will be able to get online, but I do promise to update when I can.

Many of you have asked why I decided to join the Peace Corps.  I am not sure if I can give a singular